Rider Equilibrium…. Two Spines One Movement

Rider Equilibrium…. Two Spines One Movement

In all equine disciplines the riders position is influenced by the rider’s spinal and muscular dynamics, playing a vital role in the Balance and Movement between horse and rider

The rider’s ability to absorb movement to remain centred and balanced involves Suppleness, Strength & Responsiveness coupled with Good Posture.

Rider Equilibrium…….The spine is divided into three parts:

  1. Head & Neck…………. Cervical Spine & Axial Skeleton (Arms & Hands)
  2. Mid & Upper Back…….Thoracic Spine
  3. Lower Back……………. Lumber Spine

All of which are connected by a complex design of muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia.

  • The riders head is carried on relaxed neck & shoulders, outlining force trajectory and direction of travel.
  • The mid & upper back ideally should be relaxed & supple. Any restrictions can reduce shoulder movements, creating tension within the arms and forearms, restricting the rider’s ability for ‘soft yielding hands’
  •   Muscular tension or restrictions within the lower back can reduce pelvic, hip and leg movement. Causing unwanted forces and pressures being transmitted towards the horse’s spine. Preventing the rider from ‘feeling, absorbing and yielding from their seat’


Osteopathy focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of musculo-skeletal disorders, reducing joint and muscular restrictions, promoting movement strength and flexibility.

Osteopathy improves spinal and joint mobility, relaxing muscular tension promoting Body Equilibrium, Balance, Movement, Suppleness, Strength, Responsiveness and Posture.

Osteopathy is widely used to promote athletic performance in all sporting disciplines, promoting Body Equilibrium.

Osteopath Lisa Jones, retired Police Sergeant and founder member of the South Wales Police Mounted Section will be happy to discuss how osteopathy could enhance your body equilibrium, aiding athletic performance.

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